A Trip To Sonnenberg Mansion and Gardens


Well…it’s been a month. The holidays are always a crazy dash and December literally FLEW by. Between getting ready for Christmas, holiday travels, and short work weeks, the past month was a whirlwind. As much as I love the Christmas season, I’m always happy when it’s over. Back to normalcy, back to reality, back to routine. And unfortunately here in New York, back to the coldest temperatures EVER (although this week, it’s warming up to the 20s and 30s…woot woot!). […]

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Cozy Loungewear

cozy loungewear

Faux Fur Coat | Luxe Long Sleeve Tee | Bow Uggs | Cashmere Sweatpants | Camel Scarf | Funnel Neck Sweater | Pom Beret | White Cardigan The minute I get home from work, I step out of my work clothes and slip into the coziest thing I own. I have always had an affinity for soft, loose, and cozy pieces of clothing, and the older I get, the more I cherish my loungewear collection. In fact, my favorite Christmas presents have usually revolved around luxuriously soft items, like fuzzy socks, a furry robe, […]

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Thousand Islands Weekend Itinerary

thousand island weekend itinerary

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a weekend trip to the Thousand Islands for our one year anniversary, It was the perfect getaway, just close enough so we weren’t spending too much time in the car but far enough away to feel like we were somewhere completely new. We learned about the Thousand Islands a few months back through a random brochure and were intrigued by the laid back vibe and beautiful scenery, so we booked the […]

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Natural Lipstick Trick – The Popsicle Lip

Natural Lipstick Trick Popsicle Lip

During the spring and summer months, I usually go as minimal and beachy as possible with my makeup. A little mascara, a little bronzer, and a light layer of foundation is really all I need. As the weather cools down, my makeup routine slowly gets a few more steps added to it, my favorite being lipstick. Dry and cold weather always makes my lips look terrible! Does anyone else get dry, white, and wrinkly lips come winter? I sure do. […]

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One Year Anniversary + The Importance of Keeping Your Relationship Private

private relationship

  I’ve been sitting at my computer trying to write this post for a long time and the words haven’t come to me. My husband an I celebrated our one year anniversary Monday – why can’t I find any words to write about it? Ironically, because one of the reasons we have a great relationship is because we keep it private. We don’t discuss it with other people. I have never vented to a friend, sister, or mother about my […]

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