Podcast Obsessed and the Best App to Listen With

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If you told me a month ago I would be obsessed with podcasts, I would have said that you are crazy. Podcasts made me think of boring AM radio talk shows. No substance, no story, just two people chatting casually. I had been hearing so much about podcasts being the new video and I didn’t want to believe it. Just listening to someone, without visuals, did not sound intriguing.

But it strangely is. I’m a little confused myself at my newfound love for long monologues, but I am obsessed with listening to podcasts. It’s the weirdest thing.

I randomly downloaded an app, CastBox, to listen to a podcast that a friend had recommended. The podcast was from a series called How I Built This, which are interviews of the founders of entrepreneurial empires, such as Instagram and Spanx, and the journey behind how they built their movement. The particular episode I listened to was the story of Patagonia, told by it’s founder Yvon Chouinard. The thirty minute episode held my interest from beginning to end, and I was fascinated by Yvon, his “accidental company,” and some of the techniques he used to make Patagonia what it is today.

I listened to another, then another, then another. I became obsessed with the series, and with podcasts. Podcasts are a far cry from the shallow radio talk shows I had originally compared them to. There are podcasts on everything, from “stuff you should know” to history, murder stories to Ted Talks.

I love listening to Podcasts on a run or walk. I usually get so invested in what I’m listening to that I forget I’m working out! CastBox makes it really easy to listen, too. They have thousands upon thousands of free podcasts in their database. You can also download episodes for offline listening (perfect for long plane rides!).

After reading this, I hope you download CastBox (it’s free!) and listen to Yvon’s amazing story. And of course, let me know what you think.

Do you listen to podcasts already? Leave your recommendations in the comments!


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  1. I am also obsessed with Podcasts! I often have to drive from Abu Dhabi to Dubai (2 hours top) and listening to a podcast is the only way I can survive the boring drive. I also love “How I Build This” and totally random but I just finished “Ponzi Supernova” about Bernie Madoff…one of the best podcast I have ever heard.