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Late summer is one of my favorite times to be outside. With fall around the corner, I take advantage of the nice weather for as long as I can before I have to start bundling up in scarves and boots. Whether it’s working out or eating a meal, I try to do as much of it as possible outdoors. The trees are in bloom, the sun is shining, and the days are still long. I want to enjoy it for as long as I can. Here are my favorite ways to spend my time with Mother Nature.

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Walk/run around a new place: I love being able to run outdoors in the warmer months. Early morning or late evening runs are perfect to beat the heat, but surprisingly, late night runs are my absolutely favorite. When the weather is nice, I try to run a new route. It makes my run feel more like an adventure and I’m distracted from my heavy breathing by all the new things to look at.

Tennis: My husband and I play tennis every weekend in the summer. Many local parks have courts free for the public to use. If you aren’t a great tennis player, lessons can be a ton of fun! Not only do you get to learn a lifetime sport, but you get another reason to work on that tan.

Kayaking: If you live near a decent sized body of water, I’ll bet there is kayaking available. It’s a killer arm workout and so peaceful to be out in the middle of the lake.

Paddleboarding: Same as above, except the balance is a little more challenging.

Biking: My favorite way to explore a new area. You can cover a ton of ground in no time at all. Just be sure to get yourself a comfortable seat!

Al Fresco dining: When I lived in California, I would eat dinner outside just about every single day during the summer. I loved breathing in the beautiful summer sunsets, gentle whirr of bees, and fresh scents of all the blooming plants. It was the best way to end a day.

Have a picnic: Just like dining al fresco, but a little more “natural.” Picnics are the perfect saturday afternoon activity. Bring some food and drink, a book to read, or a game to play. Go with a big group or by yourself, in a crowded park or a secluded spot. You can’t go wrong with a blanket and something to eat!

Camping: Camping is great if you are looking for a cheap weekend getaway. There are campgrounds all over the place and they are usually under $30 a night. Being outside for an extended period of time leaves me feeling refreshed and revitalized when I return to normal life. And campfires are awesome; I could sit in front of one for hours and never get bored.

Hike: Where there is nature, there are hikes. Even in the busiest cities in the world, there are hikes. They are a great excuse to catch up with an old friend (if the conversation dies, you’re still doing something) and get some cardio. Bonus if you go up a mountain!

Happy hour on the patio: My parents did this all the time growing up. They would both come home from work, pour a glass of wine, sit on the patio and talk. While I didn’t participate in the wine drinking as a child, I still love being outside in the early evening enjoying a glass with someone I love.

Feed the ducks: Feeding ducks are fun for adults too! It’s a peaceful and quiet and a great way to unwind. Just be sure to bring bug spray and appropriate duck food. Despite popular opinion, bread makes ducks sick. Instead, feed them lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, or bird feed.

How do you like to spend your time outside?


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