What To Do if You’ve Been Crying At Work

crying at work

We’ve all been there, hiding in the bathroom at work while we silently cry. Receiving bad news, a negative review from your boss, or just having one of those days. Even if you have a private place to release your emotions, you still have to face the office with red and puffy eyes sooner or later. Here’s the best way to make your face feel and look refreshed after a good cry. Ice. If possible, find some ice. Slowly run […]

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review

kiehls midnight recovery serum review

My skin has never been horrible, but it’s never been great either. I’ve always suffered from mild breakouts, some redness around my nose and temples, and large pores. On top of that, I would get random patches of super-dry and flaky skin out of nowhere. I’ve tried countless product, both drugstore and high end, but nothing made a noticeable difference. I kind of accepted the fact that my skin wasn’t going to be perfect because nothing seemed to work. Until I […]

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