Thousand Islands Weekend Itinerary

thousand island weekend itinerary

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a weekend trip to the Thousand Islands for our one year anniversary, It was the perfect getaway, just close enough so we weren’t spending too much time in the car but far enough away to feel like we were somewhere completely new. We learned about the Thousand Islands a few months back through a random brochure and were intrigued by the laid back vibe and beautiful scenery, so we booked the […]

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One Year Anniversary + The Importance of Keeping Your Relationship Private

private relationship

  I’ve been sitting at my computer trying to write this post for a long time and the words haven’t come to me. My husband an I celebrated our one year anniversary Monday – why can’t I find any words to write about it? Ironically, because one of the reasons we have a great relationship is because we keep it private. We don’t discuss it with other people. I have never vented to a friend, sister, or mother about my […]

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Happy Relationships: Accepting Your Partner’s Bids

happy relationships

When I had just started dating my now husband, I was enamored with anything I could find that help me be the best girlfriend possible. One such article particularly stuck. Simple, yet poignant, and it made all the difference in our relationship. We still refer to it 3 years later. The research, done by The Gottman Institute, stated that happy couples accept each other’s bids. A bid is basically a call for support. Examples could be saying “I have the […]

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