Cozy Loungewear

cozy loungewear

Faux Fur Coat | Luxe Long Sleeve Tee | Bow Uggs | Cashmere Sweatpants | Camel Scarf | Funnel Neck Sweater | Pom Beret | White Cardigan

The minute I get home from work, I step out of my work clothes and slip into the coziest thing I own. I have always had an affinity for soft, loose, and cozy pieces of clothing, and the older I get, the more I cherish my loungewear collection. In fact, my favorite Christmas presents have usually revolved around luxuriously soft items, like fuzzy socks, a furry robe, or a velvety sweater. Who doesn’t love submerging their entire body in a sea of feathery softness?

Christmas time especially is when I really love my cozy loungewear. Sitting around the Christmas tree or the fireplace (that I don’t have) wrapped up in smoothness just feels right. Curled up in in a lounge chair with a mystery thriller feels all the more festive if you’re wearing cashmere sweatpants (I mean, come on – those are amazing).

Here are my top pics for a cozy and soft Christmas season, from top left going clockwise.

Faux Fur Coat: It may not look like loungewear, but it feels like it. Wearing something that feels like pajamas to work? Yes please. This coat sold out on Black Friday but is back in stock and on sale.

Luxe Long Sleeve Tee: The SOFTEST t-shirt I own, and again, on sale (magic, I know). It’s amazing and comes in a thousand different colors. It’s a more fitted piece but drapes oh so nicely.

Bow Uggs: I don’t care what anyone says, Uggs are a staple in cold weather climate. They keep your toes toasty warm and I truly believe that with the right outfit, can be stylish. The cute bows on this one certainly help.

Cashmere Sweatpants: The absolute pinnacle of luxury. How could you not be happy while lounging in cashmere sweatpants?

Camel Scarf: In my opinion, a camel scarf is the only scarf you need. It can multi-purpose as a mini blanket (especially on planes), is ultra classy, and looks good with just about everything.

Funnel Neck Sweater: At home or on the go, a quality crafted oversized knit sweater is a utility piece. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but it will always be comfortable.

Pom Beret: Toss your old beanie and get yourself a nice beret instead. This cute version comes with a faux fur pom on top!

White Cardigan: Target introduced their new line, A New Day, over the summer and it’s amazing. The style, quality, and prices of pieces they are putting out is unparalleled. I recently bought this sweater and it’s super soft and very heavy, everything I look for in a good winter white.

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