Natural Lipstick Trick – The Popsicle Lip

Natural Lipstick Trick Popsicle Lip

Natural Lipstick Trick Popsicle Lip Popsicle Lip

During the spring and summer months, I usually go as minimal and beachy as possible with my makeup. A little mascara, a little bronzer, and a light layer of foundation is really all I need. As the weather cools down, my makeup routine slowly gets a few more steps added to it, my favorite being lipstick.

Dry and cold weather always makes my lips look terrible! Does anyone else get dry, white, and wrinkly lips come winter? I sure do. I am never without some type of lip balm during the colder months, because without it, my lips look like an extension of my skin (basically non-existent). For that reason, I’ve really embraced a natural lipstick trick, the popsicle lip, which is more of a blurred lip stain than a perfectly applied coat of lipstick. It’s way more comfortable than traditional lipstick and looks great through all stages of wear, even if it’s starting to fade.

To get the no-fuss popsicle lip, I start with a light coat of lip balm (Burts Bees Pomegranate is my absolute fav – nice smooth and creamy application with just a hint of natural color), just enough so that it covers your lips comfortably but not enough to feel a heavy layer of it when you rub your lips together. Next, I take a pigmented lipstick and apply it in very light coats on top of the balm. I usually only do one or two coats, especially with the darker shades. Then I rub my lips together to create a natural looking and feeling stain.

Two things I love about this technique:
1. I don’t have to constantly reapply it. Since it uses a balm base, it wears off very naturally and doesn’t look silly once it’s gone. When I do reapply, it’s super easy to do – no mirror required!

2. It looks and feels natural. I’m not a heavy makeup kind of girl. I don’t like to look like I’m wearing a ton of makeup, but even worse, I don’t like to feel like I’m wearing a ton of makeup. The popsicle lip looks a little special, but still has a very natural feeling, like I’m only wearing lip balm. I’m not fussing over it all day, I’m not annoyed at how dry my lips feel, and I’m not worried about awkward feathering or that terrible after-meal lip halo.

3. No mistakes! One thing I hate about lipstick, especially darker colors, is its permanency. If you make a mistake, it’s really difficult to completely erase it. Since the popsicle lip has a balm base, mistakes are easy to correct. Besides, you don’t have the perfect edge to your lip anyway so there are far fewer mistakes to begin with.

Remember, the aim of the popsicle lip is not a perfectly done lip with a straight edge. It’s a natural, slightly blurred lip color, not a full-on heavy lipstick.

This time of year, I lean towards darker and richer color, such as cinnamon, plum, oxblood, and berry, but I also have days when I want a nice nude-pink. Check out some of my favorite shades below!

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