What To Do if You’ve Been Crying At Work

crying at work

We’ve all been there, hiding in the bathroom at work while we silently cry. Receiving bad news, a negative review from your boss, or just having one of those days. Even if you have a private place to release your emotions, you still have to face the office with red and puffy eyes sooner or later. Here’s the best way to make your face feel and look refreshed after a good cry. Ice. If possible, find some ice. Slowly run […]

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Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

spicy chicken sandwiches

I eat pretty healthy, but I give myself a fair amount wiggle room to indulge because I just love food. I rarely eat fast or fried food, but do make a lot of healthier versions at home. Even by using similar ingredients, I find I can really healthify a meal if I make it myself. This is one of those healthified fast food recipes. I love it because it’s easy, quick to whip up, delicious, inexpensive, and healthy (ish). Here’s […]

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Why You Should Take More Breaks

take breaks

Ever had that moment when you have been stuck trying to think of a certain word, and then it comes to you as soon as you stop thinking about it? It can be so frustrating. There’s actually a scientific reason to why this happens, and it all comes down to taking breaks. Many of us (myself included) don’t take breaks when we work. We are either too busy or feel uncomfortable stopping, especially in a professional setting. There is an […]

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Best Ways To Get Outside

outdoor activities

Late summer is one of my favorite times to be outside. With fall around the corner, I take advantage of the nice weather for as long as I can before I have to start bundling up in scarves and boots. Whether it’s working out or eating a meal, I try to do as much of it as possible outdoors. The trees are in bloom, the sun is shining, and the days are still long. I want to enjoy it for […]

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Summer Dresses

summer dresses

It’s the end of July (how did that happen?!) and I’m trying to soak up ever last piece of summer there is. Remember my summer to do list? There’s still a lot in there I need to accomplish before September comes. What comes with summer though, is hot, humid, and sticky weather. I grew up on the West Coast, where it could get really hot, but the heat was dry heat. And it was bearable. Living in New York has brought some […]

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