Why Am I Always Tired

always tired

About a year ago, I was constantly exhausted. And not a normal exhausted – a complete and utter fatigue that left me stuck to my couch. Anything that involved me standing up was a chore. If I had the time, I would have napped for hours and hours a day. I was living a healthy life, getting eight hours of sleep, eating balanced meals, and getting plenty of exercise, yet something seemed to be very wrong. You know how WebMD […]

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Questions To Ask Before Buying From the Sale Rack

shop sale

I like to be clean. I can’t work in at a messy desk, I can’t sleep in an unmade bed, and a dirty kitchen grabs my attention quicker than anything else. There is something about the look of cleanliness – the bright white, the organized shelves, the unspoiled countertops. There is something so calm and soothing about having everything in order. One part of my apartment that eludes my constant compulsion to clean is my closet. I used to throw […]

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Packing Tips: How to Pack Efficiently

packing tips

Let’s make packing easy. Traveling is tons of fun. Packing is not. I have yet to meet someone who loves to pack and very few consider themselves good at it. Us women are always in the conundrum of having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Not surprisingly, paring down our closet to a mere suitcase makes it seem like we have even less to wear. When bringing a limited amount of pieces of clothing, I value versatility, […]

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Resort Wear

resort outfits

I don’t have a beach vacation planned for this year, but I am loving the resort trend I’ve been seeing. Tropical patterns, linen, and natural fabrics have caught my eye. I imagine wearing this cute romper out to breakfast by the beach or this light and airy top to pick up some fresh fruit. Even if you aren’t vacationing in paradise this year, you can still pull off the resort trend for lots of summer activities.  Palm Print Bikini | 2. Woven Sandal | […]

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Happy Relationships: Accepting Your Partner’s Bids

happy relationships

When I had just started dating my now husband, I was enamored with anything I could find that help me be the best girlfriend possible. One such article particularly stuck. Simple, yet poignant, and it made all the difference in our relationship. We still refer to it 3 years later. The research, done by The Gottman Institute, stated that happy couples accept each other’s bids. A bid is basically a call for support. Examples could be saying “I have the […]

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